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Women- A new target group for tobacco Industry (2)

 In fact, smoking does not indicate a women's independence and help them to have a trimmer figure. A WHO representative in Vietnam, Nguyen Tuan Lam said that smoking makes women get older faster and get more wrinkles and also take the risk of contracting dangerous diseases such as, lung diseases, bronchitis and cancers related to lung, mouth, larynx, bladder, spleen, cervix and breasts.
Women smokers during pregnancy can have still boms, abortions or premature births or their babies can die suddenly or be underweight.
According to the WHO's statistics, approximately 1.5 million out of the 5 million people who die from smoking around the world annually are women, if no effective measures are taken soon, the smoking death toll will increase to more than 8 million in 2030 and around 2.5 million of them will be women.
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Update : 18-05-2017

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