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Vietnam in the top most developed tourist countries

World Tourism Organization is a United Nations agency that captures all issues related to tourism around the world. The list of developed tourist countries is based on the increase in international passenger traffic.
Republic of Sierra Leone, a West African country, tops the list with a 310% increase in 2016. This is a sharp increase over the previous year. Only 24,000 people visit Sierra Leone in 2015. Until 2016, this number has increased to around 74,400. The cause is that this country declared the withdrawal of Ebola on 11/2015.
Second, Vietnam ranks 7th on the list, with a 24.6% increase in the number of foreign visitors in 2016, after the two countries: Nepal (39.7% in second place), South Korea (30.3% in fourth place). Japan is ranked 8th and Indonesia 20th. However, if you want to discover new regions in Asia, Thailand holiday tour packages will make you really happy.
UNWTO also published a list of 10 countries with the largest decrease in the number of guests. These are Egypt, Afghanistan, Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Suriname, Palau, Haiti, Belgium, Aruba, and Laos.
Previously, Vietnam is ranked several times among the best countries with ideal conditions for tourism, such as the top 10 countries with cheap travel in 2016 voted by The Richest magazine (USA), top countries ideal for Travelers voted by the Rough Guides (UK) site in 2016, top rated ecotourism destinations voted by travel professionals from Boundless Journeus and Adventure Life magazines.
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Update : 25-07-2017

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