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Traveling Responsibly

Since our inception in 1973, Lonely Planet has encouraged readers to tread lightly, travel responsibly and experience the magic of independent travel. International travel is gro\ying at a jaw-dropping rate and we still firmly believe in the benefits it can bring but, as always, we encourage you to consider the impact your visit will have on both the global environment and the local economies, cultures and ecosystems. If you want to discover more about Vietnam beautiful country, come to visit Vietnam through a Mai Chau Hanoi tour.
Cambodia has been to hell and back and there are many ways that you can put a little back into the country. Staying a bit longer, travelling further and spreading the wealth around is obvious advice, but even for those on a short stay, it is possible to engage with locals in markets and spend money in restaurants and outlets that assist disadvantaged Cambodians. See the boxed text, p67, in the Food & Drink chapter, as well as the Eating and Shopping sections in the Phnom Penh and Siem Reap chapters for more ideas.
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Update : 11-07-2017

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