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Nutrition and health of the Tibeto-Burman family

Observations and studies show a strong interdependence between nutrition and health.
Some mountain Kho villages, like Chamay in Long district, isolated at over 1 000 meters altitude, produce food in a forest system with a fallow cycle of 15 years on good quality soil. They are food selfsufficient and are little affected by malaria. The lack of market allows them to keep and consume varied hunting and gathering produce. For this population, nutrition is not a priority problem. 
In other villages, like in Gnang Luang, situated in the plains and, attracted to the consumer items of Sing market, people exchange forest produce for superfluous products. The combination of malaria, diarrhea and low food diversity increases levels of malnutrition. In 1993, of children less than 5 years old, 4% suffered from malnutrition in Gnang Luang against 0% for the neighbouring Lue population in Keo Noy village and for the Tai Nua of Patoy. The presence of goiters from lack of iodine is a common phenomenon and affects between 15% to 70% of women in the rural environment. In Gnang Luang village, among 33 mothers, 39% had goiters in 1993. 
The Kho’s staple food consists of ordinary rice until reserves dry up. The second preferred food is sticky rice, then cassava. Boiled cultivated and forest vegetables, chilli sauce and animal produce (depending on the hunting results and frequency of animistic animal sacrifices) improve daily meals. It is interesting to note that during serious illnesses, nutrition is improved for the healthy villagers, who benefit from animals sacrificed for the ill patient’s recovery. 
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Update : 17-07-2017

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