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History of the Kho in Laos

The history of some Kho groups living in Laos is not well known on the whole. Based on available documents and village studies, it is a long north-south migration from the Tibetan region through Burma and Yunnan to their current position at the latitude of Thailand, northwestern Laos and northern Vietnam. Their Tibetan and Chinese origins may be witnessed during funeral ceremonies for adults. On such occasions, songs tracing the ethnic group’s migration are recited. The period of emergence of the Kho as an ethnic group occurred over 55 generations ago according to the elders of Kho villages in Long district, Luang Namtha province. 
The Kho of Phongsaly and Luang Namtha provinces explain the last part of their migration to Laos as a retreat to escape from political rebellions and Chinese bandits who stole their livestock and pillaged the villages. For several villages, the Kho also recognize that being shifting cultivators, Laos was a favourable place to find abundant natural resources. 
Theses Tibeto-Burman speakers do not possess any written language, which does not help the research of their history and origins. The verbal transmission of history is very important to the Kho, who have strong concerns about continuity. 
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Update : 08-06-2017

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