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Flying Lemurs (1)

 Also known as colugos, flying lemurs do not really fly and are not true lemurs. Instead, they glide through the air.
These cat-sized animals are helpless on the ground and climb awkwardly in the lurching fashion, but travel easily between the tall trees of their rain-forest home. To minimize the risk of being picked off by a swift bird of prey during a glide, flying lemurs are nocturnal. They spend the day resting, either nestled in tree hollows or clinging to a trunk with their needle-sharp claws.
A female flying lemur usually gives birth to a single, then carries it on her belly until it is weaned. Her gliding membrane can be folded to create a snug pouch for the young, and becomes a hammock when she hangs upside down from a branch.
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Update : 18-05-2017

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