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Coffee culture around the world

Café Kaffeost in Finland: Hot coffee is served with small pieces of cheese.
Café Türk Kahvesi in Turkey: Coffee is infused with a special copper tool called cezve. Especially with this way, we do not filter the coffee grounds.
Yuanyang Coffee in Malaysia: A delicious drink is prepared from 3 parts of black coffee and 7 parts of Hongkong milk tea. You can enjoy this type of hot or cold drink.
Flat White Coffee in Australia: This coffee is similar to how to make a latte, but with a smaller size. To do this, you need a cup of espresso and a foam of milk.
Coffee Hit in Greece: This coffee is created by one of the representatives of Nescafe company in 1957. This type of coffee is very common in Greece in summer, including instant coffee and milk froth on top.
Espresso Romano in Italy: Italians use espresso with a slice of lemon, which can bring a unique flavor to this cup of coffee.
Iced milk coffee in Vietnam: With the strong flavor, coffee with milk of ice is very popular in Vietnam. The coffee is brewed by the filter and flows down a bowl containing ice and condensed milk. If you want to discover coffee in others Asian countries, taking a Thailand Cambodia tour will make you really happy.
Olla Coffee in Mexico: Traditional Mexican coffee is mixed with a stick of cinnamon and refined cane sugar, then poured into a cup of clay. Mexicans believe that the clay cup will better value the taste of coffee.
Café Touba in Senegal: Coffee beans are roasted with Guinea pepper and herbs, and are then mixed and filtered directly from the bottle.
Cafezinho in Brazil: This is the most popular drink for locals here. Cafezinho is similar to an espresso.
Irish coffee in Ireland is a mixture of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar, as well as a thick layer of cream on top.
Coffee with milk in France: The French often prefer to start their day with a cup of coffee with warm milk with equal proportions. Coffee is usually served in a large cup.
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Update : 19-06-2017

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